May 18 2020

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Federal credit report


Credit Union and Corporate Call Report Data

​​​​​Quarterly Data

These files consist of the quarterly Call Report financial and miscellaneous information from natural person credit unions available from March 1994. Each quarter’s Zip file has comma delimited text files that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet or database program.

Quarterly Data Summary

Provides quarterly listings of summarized accounts collected from all federally insured credit unions.

Financial Trends in Federally Insured Credit Unions

These quarterly reports present year-to-date financial trends in federally insured credit unions, based on data compiled from Call Reports.

Quarterly U.S. Map Review

The NCUA Quarterly U.S. Map Review covers several key indicators of the financial health and viability of federally insured credit unions across the U.S. by state.

Industry at a Glance

Industry at a Glance is a quarterly updated quick-look at the key facts and figures at the credit union industry.

Call Report Form Archive

Includes all quarterly Call Report forms in PDF format from September 1999.

Aggregate Financial Performance Reports

Each quarter’s Zip file includes aggregate Financial Performance Reports for all federal credit unions and all federally insured, state chartered credit unions.

Financial Performance Reports for Credit Unions

Financial Performance Reports provide a financial summary for a credit union, including assets, liabilities and capital, and income and expenses.

Recently Updated Call Reports (opens new window)

Provides Call Report filings that have been updated in the last 90 days. Users can search for a particular credit union or a group of credit unions using this utility.

Credit Union Data Query (opens new window)

Use our query function to download the complete list of active federally insured credit unions, their addresses and contact information.

Custom Query (opens new window)

This query allows the user to select financial information collected during the Call Report cycle.

View Corporate Credit Union Call Reports (opens new window)

This tool displays financial information for corporate credit unions, including statement of financial condition, income statement, liquidity report, delinquent loans, investments, and other financial data.

Download Corporate Credit Union Call Report Data (opens new window)

Download Corporate Call Report data into comma separated value (.csv) files.



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