May 17 2020

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Fico phone number


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  1. How does credit counseling affect my FICO® score?
    Using a credit counseling service and having this situation reported in your credit report should not have any negative impact to your FICO ® score. However, the actions you take.
    Date Updated: 05/20/2015
  2. I have recently been impacted by a natural disaster and I am worried about keeping up with all my credit payments in the near term. What should I do?
    If you are a consumer who resides in an area impacted by a natural disaster (Super Storm Sandy that hit the East coast in the fall of 2012 as an example), it may have a short term effect on your.
    Date Updated: 06/20/2015
  3. Why scores go down
    There are various reasons why your FICO® score may have gone down: Have you missed any payments? Late payments, collection accounts, settled accounts, repossessions , foreclosures, and.
    Date Updated: 05/07/2018
  4. How often FICO® scores change
    Your FICO score is based on the information in your credit report at the credit bureaus. Lenders typically report updated account information to the credit bureaus every month.
    Date Updated: 03/23/2012
  5. The effect of accepted disputes on FICO® scores
    Often your score will improve when errors on your credit report are corrected. In some situations, however, your score may not improve when credit information is corrected or.
    Date Updated: 06/18/2015
  6. Explanation of “Too many recent inquiries in the last 12 months”
    When the score explanation indicates “too many inquiries,” it means that for consumers with similar credit profiles as yours, there is a maximum number inquiries you can have and still receive the.
    Date Updated: 03/23/2012
  7. Explanation of “Length of time accounts have been established”
    In general, a longer credit history will increase your FICO score. However, even people who have not been using credit long may get high FICO scores, depending on how the rest of the credit report.
    Date Updated: 03/23/2012
  8. How do I cancel my myFICO subscription?
    If you have any questions about your myFICO subscription, please call us on the toll-free customer service number at 1-800-319-4433 (Mon – Fri 6am to 6pm Pacific Time; Sat 7am to 4pm Pacific Time).
    Date Updated: 07/26/2018
  9. Differences across credit reports to check
    When trying to understand differences on your credit report, the most important things to watch for are: Accounts that are reported by only one credit bureau. Check to make sure such.
    Date Updated: 03/23/2012
  10. What triggers an Account Balance Change alert
    Account Balance Change alerts are triggered based on changes in an account’s balance and is triggered differently for each bureau. Please refer to the chart below for the specific trigger thresholds.
    Date Updated: 12/30/2015

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