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Apr 7 2019

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We love rainbow washi tape. We also have some new cat and dog themed tape!

However, even though we are enamored with washi tape, customers often ask, What is washi tape? or, What do I do with washi tape ? So, we thought we would dedicate a blog post to answer those very questions!

Washi tape is a high-quality masking tape made from natural fibers like bamboo, mulberry, or hemp (the word washi means Japanese paper ). You can conveniently tear it with your hand, and it s usually translucent. You can use it to wrap gifts, to seal envelopes, or to decorate and organize a planner or calendar. You can also write on top of washi tape, so it can be used for labeling too.

All of the collage stores have LARGE selections of washi tape; the most diverse and abundant collection of styles is at our Alberta St Store, where we have nicknamed it the #greatwallofwashi .

Mother s Day is May 14th, and with so many people shopping for gifts for their loved ones, we thought we d remind you about our fun gift shop, collage annex!

We opened the annex in October 2016. It s located on NE Alberta Street, on the same block as our original supply store, just a few doors down, at 1607 NE Alberta St.
The annex is open from 10am-6pm every day.

If you re wondering how the annex is different from the original collage store, the annex focuses on fun home décor, accessories, and creative gifts. We found that people were asking for more gifty and pre-made items, and we just couldn t fit all of it into our original supply store! We also couldn t resist all of the creative gifts we were coming across.

The annex will feature thematic displays of items that will rotate and change, so check back often for new goodies. Currently the themes include: celestial/space, garden, woman power, beach/ocean, pacific northwest, cats and dogs. Alongside the themed displays are an assortment of other curated gifts such as beautiful candles, glassware, party and home decor and patches, pins, and prints by some local artists.

Classic cat goodies.

Below are some photos of new products for you to check out, and be sure to stop by next time you get the chance! While you re there, you might also stop by our supply store, where you ll find lots of ideas to make your own creative gift for Mother s Day; you can also check out our recent DIYs, including paper flowers, and textile kit s for some ideas!

More photos after the jump. Click below!

Recently we wrote about marbling in our post about Easter egg decorating. and we thought we d devote a little more time this week to talk about the amazing process of marbling!

Paper marbling is an excellent craft to do as the weather gets nicer. It s a great outdoor activity: since it s a bit messy, you won t have to worry as much about clean-up afterwards when you re outside. The fresh air and sun will highlight the beautiful marbling process, and it will help your paper to dry faster (just make sure it s not too windy!).

We love the classic black and white look!

Marbling is one of those crafts that may seem intimidating, but getting started with it is actually pretty easy and straightforward.

Click the link below for a step-by-step process and to learn insiders tips and tricks!

Supplies available at all collage supply locations!

Easter is right around the corner, and we have a few creative alternatives to your standard egg decorating! In this blog post, we have three different DIYs to try: gilded craft eggs, marbled wooden eggs, and woodburned eggs. They are great projects for adults who are looking to decorate for Easter, but older kids could try these crafts with adult supervision too.

All supplies are available at collage.

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