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Feb 7 2019

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New York car insurance

It is important that drivers in the State of New York understand the insurance laws and regulations so that they do not get faced with penalties and fees that could be avoided. It is also important that one is aware of the driving conditions and crime in the State of New York. Having the correct amount of New York auto insurance to cover theft and auto accidents can give a driver peace of mind.

New York Driving Statistics

New York has quite a stigma attached to it for its crime rates. The good news is that auto theft percentages have fallen steadily over the last several years. This could be because of the more sophisticated ways of tracking stolen vehicles and the programs that have been put into place to stop crime, including vehicle theft. In the year 2000, there were a total of 54,231 auto thefts and this number had fallen to 20,433 in the year 2010. Recent reports show that these numbers continue to decrease. Drivers who leave their cars unlocked or leave valuables in plain view are at an even greater risk. Using simple safety precautions can keep a vehicle safe from theft.

Top Three Cars Stolen in New York

1. The Honda Civic

2. The Honda Accord

3. The Dodge Caravan

Seatbelt usage has the biggest impact on motor vehicle accident fatalities. Like many other states, New York has implemented a primary enforcement statute, which means that a driver can be issued a ticket simply for not wearing a seatbelt. In 2010, 89.8% of drivers wore their seatbelts. This rose from 84.6% in 2004. In New York, all passengers in the front seat are required to wear a safety belt. Those in the back seat that are under the age of 16 must also be belted. This fine for not wearing a seatbelt is $50.

It is also important to understand the driving conditions in New York so that one can get an idea of the risks that they face when driving in the state. Though New York gets a bad rap for traffic and driving conditions, it has been found to have some of the safest streets in America. Many people in New York either walk or use public transportation, so this could account for the degree of safety. Though they are considered the safest streets, in 2011, the DMV announced that there were 269 fatalities from auto accidents. This number had grown by 11 from the previous year.

Road conditions often involve very busy traffic, unless one is driving in the more rural areas of New York. With so much traffic on the roads, this can lead to confusion and road rage. If drivers remain calm while driving and obey the traffic laws, they are more likely to avoid accidents and keep safe.

Understanding the Insurance Laws in New York

All motor vehicles in the State of New York must have liability insurance. New York car insurance coverage must cover at the minimum $25,000 to $50,000 for injury, $50,000 to $100,000 for death, and $10,000 for property damage. It is important to note that New York does not accept insurance coverage from out of state or from a company that is not authorized to sell insurance in the State. If the vehicle is registered in New York, it must have New York insurance.

If a New York insurance policy is cancelled, the insurance company must notify the DMV. The driver will receive a letter that gives them ten days to comply. Penalties can cause the driver to lose their registration and driving privileges. Once a driver has been found to be without insurance, they must either surrender their plates or pay a civil penalty. This penalty is not allowed if the driver has more than one lapse on their record within three years.

Shopping for New York auto insurance quotes does not have to be confusing and stressful. There are numerous insurance providers in the State of New York. Many of these companies are online, which makes them even more convenient. Drivers can get free New York car insurance quotes easily via the Internet. Many of these companies also give the comparison rates of other companies, which can save time and money. Comparing insurance prices is vital to get the best New York cheap auto insurance rates. When one is shopping for car insurance, it is vital that they check the company through the Better Business Bureau to be sure that they are dealing with a reputable insurer that has no fraudulent charges against them. Understanding New York auto insurance ratings allows a driver to make the best choice for their particular needs.

Many drivers get New York cheap car insurance by bundling their auto insurance with their home coverage. This helps to bring greater savings and reduce the premiums that drivers must pay. A good insurance agent can help their customers get the best deal possible, and can explain New York car insurance ratings.

These insurance companies operate in New York:

All of the above insurance companies offer free quotes online. There are also many local insurance offices that can meet the needs of New York drivers. Individuals who are searching for insurance must check to be sure that a company is licensed in the New York to avoid problems with their coverage.

Average Premiums in New York

New York is one of the top five states for most expensive insurance premiums. The average premium for a twelve-month policy is $1,044. This amount varies depending on an individual’s driving record, age, and credit history. Those with many points or inexperienced drivers will end up paying more in premiums. The State of New York requires five years of driving experience before the premium rates go down. A driver’s poor credit history can also cause their rates to rise.

Understand the Laws and Avoid Penalties

It is important for all drivers in the State of New York to understand all of the laws as well as the risks involved in driving in New York. Having complete insurance coverage can protect the driver in the event of accidents and auto theft. Having no insurance is against the law and a risk that most drivers do not want to take. Reviewing the laws and regulations on insurance coverage can prevent drivers from being under-insured. There is no reason to go without coverage when there are so many different insurance options in New York.

This information should help to get drivers started in finding a good insurance policy to meet their needs. More comprehensive information is available on the New York Insurance Division of the Department of Financial Services website. Visiting this site can help to give a wealth of information on insurance in New York. Drivers can also get the assistance of a good insurance agent to help them with their questions and concerns on purchasing insurance.

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