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Sep 6 2018

Credit keeper, credit keeper.#Credit #keeper

credit keeper

Credit keeper Credit keeper

Credit keeper

Credit keeper

Credit keeper

Credit keeper

Credit keeper

Credit keeper

Credit keeper

Credit keeper

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We supply the sim card and data. You dont need to purchase a sim card. We do charge a nominal fee for managing the sim card and the data. If you are purchasing the gate-keeper for domestic use (limited to 15 numbers that it will allow access for) , the annual fee is R150.00 plus vat. When you receive your gate-keeper, be sure to select domestic registration . If however you are purchasing the gate-keeper for controlling access for more than 15 numbers, we charge R 500.00 per year for the sim and data management.

Credit keeper


Gate-keeper is a GSM access control system which is by far the easiest and most convenient system to use.Control who enters your property and when they may do this. Our intuitive internet web based scheduling allows you to configure up to 1000 numbers.

We supply the gate-keeper with a contract sim-card which means you never have to worry about being locked outside because you forgot to top up the airtime.

We charge an nominal amount of R 150.00 annually for domestic users (limited to 15 cell phone numbers) and R 500.00 for commercial users which allows unlimited numbers. The Rica process is eliminated because Gate-keeper is responsible for the simcard.

The registration process does not require bank details or credit card payments.

Installation of the gate-keeper should not take more than a few minutes. Any gate or garage door motor can have a gate-keeper fitted to it. An added bonus is that you can get email alerts of who is opening your gate.

Gate-keeper also takes care of the security of you property by notifying you if someone forces your gate open. The product allows certain users to have full control of the gate and other may only have pedestrian access.

Free shipment of the gate-keeper is offered countrywide in South Africa. Tel 021-7017777 email [email protected]» read more

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Every time someone accesses your property, gate-keeper records the transaction on our server. You can access this information by logging in viewing a report.

Your security company can be added to the schedule. If you want your security company to access your property, tell us. We will make contact with your service provider and ask them to send us a list of numbers that need access to thier clients properties. All you need to do is then select your security company on your profile. If you change security companies, simply select the new company.

Gate-keeper is by far the safest means of allowing access to your property for security companies. The alternatives to gate-keeper are far from secure.

Need a reference ?

Listed below are a sample of security complexes that make us of gate-keeper.

Some of the body corporates which make use of gate-keeper

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