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Apr 27 2018

6 Gas Cards for Bad Credit (2017) Earn Cash Back, gas credit cards.#Gas #credit #cards

6 Gas Cards for Bad Credit (2017) Earn Cash Back

Gas credit cards

By: Ashley Dull July 10, 2017

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The thing about having bad credit, as you likely already know, is that it makes it very difficult to obtain loans and lines of credit. This includes many popular gas station credit cards, like the Valero gas card, the 76 gas card, or any other station-branded card — these gas cards generally require the borrower to have good credit to be approved.

But that doesn t mean you re excluded from getting a gas rewards card. In fact, we ve found six credit cards for bad credit that offer at least 1 percent cash back on all of your gas purchases. Credit One in particular is a great issuer for these types of cards for multiple reasons:

  • Credit One awards cash back on both gas purchases and groceries.
  • They automatically review accounts for credit line increase opportunities.
  • They offer the ability to pick your own due date for payments.

Below are six Credit One cards that accept poor credit and can be used as gas credit cards — simply by swiping at the pump and being rewarded for it.

6 Credit One Cards With Gas Rewards

What s really nice about Credit One cards is that, unlike so-called branded gas station cards, there are no restrictions as to where they can be used. The ExxonMobile card, for instance, can only be used at ExxonMobile stations. Imagine if your low-fuel light came on and the only gas station within 50 miles is not an Exxon station yikes!

Not only do these cards approve bad credit, but they can be used at any gas station that accepts Visa credit cards:

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