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Nov 30 2017

No Credit Credit Cards – Credit Card for People with No Credit #ge #credit

#credit cards for no credit

Find No Credit Credit Cards for People with No Credit

If you have no established credit history, you may know that it can be difficult getting a credit card or securing a car loan. In a world where having good credit history is increasingly important, this can be quite frustrating for most individuals. Luckily, there are many credit cards that are available to people with no credit, including gas rebate credit cards and student credit cards .

These “no credit” credit cards usually offer the following benefits:

  • Reports to the three major credit bureaus so you can begin to establish credit.
  • No employment required.
  • No lengthy application process.

Should you get a “no credit” credit card, be certain to pay off your balance every month. This will help you to establish a good credit history so that you’ll be able to qualify for bank loans or other credit cards in the future.

If you feel that a credit card for people with no credit may not be the right option for you, there is another alternative prepaid debit cards. These cards can be prefilled with a set amount of spending money, so no previous credit history is required. While these cards are a safe option for staying out of debt, they will not help you establish credit history.

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